Have missed some monthly news. Have they said what the plans for the future of MCC are?

Are we going to get any new maps or new content? I’m fine with how many seasons we got, but I’d still love to see remakes of maps and more new maps added to the game.

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Only thing off the top of my head is ODST Firefight additions (flood and enemy elites), ODST mod tools, and some quality of life stuff coming in an update Soon™, plus maybe more Halo Online armor. We’re in the dark as to anything else coming.

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the ODST update (Floodfight, Elite and covenant restorations, mod tools, other undisclosed QoL improvements, etc.) Is the next big update, but they also said that more work is being done.

What we know so far is:

  • Reach might be getting some Firefight improvements and Cosmetics (the still unnamed preserve DLC chest being the only one known of for sure) when its mod tools drop later this year.
  • more CGB releases and improvements are planned to coincide with the other mod tool releases iirc.
  • they did confirm that any unreleased cosmetics will be added down the line, however they didnt specify when and for what game (so far the only ones we know of are the 7 remaining H:O sets for Halo 3, the one reach chest, and some H2A stuff, but there could more for the other titles)

There is also some more Halo Online maps for Halo 3, but the official statement on those was that “the door isn’t closed on adding them, but it won’t be any time soon if they are”


and as it stand infinites troubles are making the wait for mcc updates even longer.


I hope they add the missing map from Halo Online. Its stuck in my memory.


I just want a private file limit increase and the ability to remove boundaries in Forge.


Is there any rough release dates on this yet?