Have LE, hit Level 50, but no extra Specs!

Hey guys

Super bleak - I input the code I got with my LE - the one that gives access to Specs, Skins, Emblem and Map Pack, and I do have the skins, so it must have worked, but right now no access to anything but Wetwork and Operator…

I’m from South Africa, so I don’t know if region has anything to do with it - but the codes that came with the LE clearly state that I should have access to these specs…

Now I’m worried I won’t have access to the map packs… Is there a way to figure out whether I’ll have access to these things, or some kinda setting I can reset to get these things to work?

-Redownload the DLC
-Go to your HDD, delete he contents, download again.
-Wait for a patch.

Go to your download history and redownload your thingy, infinity something I think.

Thank ye kindly good sirs! I shall go give it a shot!