Have experience running clans?

I need advice on how to get things going. I only have four memebers right now, and it’s being difficult to get people interested.
Anyone who wants to help/give advice please feel free to do so.

Why was this post moved to recruiting? I was looking for advice…not recruits…

Shoot me a FR on XBL. I’ll try to give you some tips/ideas and just chat. GT: DGenerateKiller. Its kinda hit and miss to catch me online for the next couple of days. But if im on, I’d be happy to chat.

  1. You need a thing that you do.
    What style/mentality of gameplay does your clan revolve around? And by style I mean everyone can prefer to be marksmen, pointmen, hiders, aggressors, defenders, turtlers, guerrillas, Forgers, trick jumpers, vehicle jockeys, single gametype preference, etc.
    You can also be about building teams of combinations of the listed above.

  2. Gotta commit. You have to have the work/social capabilities to be there for your clan. The social interaction of a clan is what builds and sustains the passion you share and it needs its time as well.
    Everyday playing isn’t a must, but predictable scheduling over random pop-ins goes a long way in keeping everyone active.
    The game time together is important, but it’s the actual interaction about Halo and what the clan is doing that keeps everyone relevant.
    Being a stranger isn’t being a clan leader least alone a clan member.

  3. Clans that form around positive attitudes tend to last longer and/or build larger groups. Those that form around negative views tend to fall apart from internal conflict (but not always).

  4. It’s not the size of your clan, it’s the bond that you share.
    Pretty much sums up 1 through 3.