Have default Assault Rifle too on Ranked Arena

I have being playing multyplayer since Halo 3 and my playstyle for competitive has being more defensive and suppress to compensate the bad aiming on that most players on pc can have right now in Ranked games with the Battle Rifle. I dont see why there has to be only 1 of the 2 most iconic and default weapons to start where only 1 weapon give more advantage for offensive players but not the defensive ones.

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“MLG” players don’t like anything fun in a game.

But is not about haveing fun, but being open to more play styles for competitive. If they dont like that weapon being included then it means that they cant win to a defensive player and they are not really skillful.

Hence why Rainbow Six Siege has slowly become more like CSGO

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The BR would still dominate the AR in most situations. However the main reason for it being not included is because it is a lower skill weapon that would excel at closer range. By keeping it BR only, the damage output at close range is a little lower and aim is more prevalent. Leads to more interesting and competitive battles where the better player will come out on top.

Also makes the scavenged weapons more palatable as the AR is better or equal to them a lot of the time. The AR is a weapon pickup on some maps in ranked. Having it all the time would take a lot of the skill out of close range battles, as well as dampening the advantage given for scavenging weapons. Not to mention the headshot multiplier can be somewhat random due to bullet spread, not something you want to determine lots of fights in ranked.

Bullet hoses are not fun

It’s not Ranked like it’s always been. If we compare it to Halo 3, they’ve removed regular Ranked and just given us the MLG/HCS playlist. In other words it’s whatever the “pros” want in the game.

You’re right. Now we all have to be “pro”, play with BR and without radar, and if not resign ourselves to the social game. Understand that the “pro”, those leagues and those things are the ones that give them money and promotion so that they have made a game to their liking. So drop your whole life, burn your eyes on the screen and go “pro” to play the game your way. MLG HCS with their own playlist!

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See, I don’t think you’re a pro at a game you change the base settings. I see this the same way I see the Smash “pros”. You’re supposed to play the game’s rules, not your own. They’d probably still kick my backside though, not saying they wouldn’t, but motion tracker is just such a basic Halo thing that should always be on in basic matches.

As Grouxo Marx said: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”
These people only care about money.