Have any ODST's Been Infected by the Flood?

I’m trying to recall all the UNSC-Flood interactions, and I cannot remember of there being anything about ODST’s getting infected in terms of lore. I mean, they are a special division of the marine corps so maybe in written material it just generalises them as marines, grouping them together with the regular marines.

Dozens have been infected in the book, The Flood, CE novelization.


Can you point to a specific part so I can quickly look it up? I’m aware of the attack on Alpha Base but that’s the only interaction I recall. I seem to remember the Flood hiding a lot when it came to any interaction that wasn’t Covenant or the Master Chief.

A retelling of UNSC capture and taking the ship Truth and reconciliation every odst either died to covenant forces or Flood surprise attack. Also in Fireteam Raven, the squad was fighting a bunch of Flood forms.

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In Halo Wars, in the first mission in which the Flood is contacted, a group of ODSTs that we rescue end up being infected.


That is true! I remember now. “One of them bit me and ran off. Is that bad?”

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If I remember correctly. In the short film “Mona Lisa” the boarding crew were comprised of ODST.

If you haven’t seen in, spoilers ahead.

They get infected or all die.

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I haven’t seen the short film, but I have read the book. I couldn’t remember if they were just marines in ordinary gear.

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A lot of people have suggested an ODST vs Flood style horror game, which could be a very nice exploration into what you’re asking about OP.