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> We have established forums for Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4. We will continue to be the TOTAL Halo experience!

> We already have forums for Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4! We are the TOTAL Halo experience!

We have completed integrating our new eight post per month minimum participation requirement into our group with our full deployment of new ranks to our group that are obtained based on forum post count. We have also consolidated our list of in group ranks and in group awards into one chart so it is very easily understood.

You can see our ranks and awards here: Midland Base ranks and awards

We are still a group. We have no minimum skill requirement, and do not require you to change your gamer tag, call out, emblem, armor permutation, or colors.

We also have a lot of group montages on our website that will let you see how fun it is to play with us: Midland Base Montages

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Xbox Live may have changed the face of multiplayer gaming, but do you still find yourself looking for all the fun and hilarity of the by gone days of Halo CE LAN’s? 16 people crowded into the basement around 4 tv’s, the tangle of cords and cables (most likely all plugged into a single outlet), the greasy pizza, the 10 cases of pop, and not to mention the laughter and hilarity between matches. Well look no further, Midland base is the place for you!

Founded 26 FEB 10 we are one of largest and most active groups offering everything Halo. Our ranks span all areas of the globe, from North America to Europe and even New Zealand, we’ve got members everywhere. So no matter what time your playing, there is most likely someone on you can link up with and take the fight to the covenant (or the UNSC if you prefer the dino’s).

We pride ourselves in offering several regular game nights with a friendly and fun loving atmosphere (squeaky sheep trash talking only!). From matchmaking, to customs, to screenshots and everything in between, we offer it all. Not to mention full in depth forums on everything Halo (we support all current Halo titles plus upcoming ones already announced) and our totally awesome website!

We also offer a Competitive Team for our highly skilled members. Always willing to engage like minded groups/clans looking for a 4v4 or 5v5 friendly competitive match. Please have your founder contact us here at Midland Base.

Still got questions? Ask us via our contact us form! A group Administrator will quickly answer all your questions.

And while not everyone may be crammed into same room together and the pizza may not be as greasy, we still provide the fun, laughter, and enjoyment Halo LAN’s once were through Xbox live.

We’re one of the oldest groups around that’s still active for a reason. So what are you waiting for, get your boots on deck spartan and let’s have some fun!

Midland Base