hating on halo 5?

There are reasons why halo 5 is good and bad. Want to talk textures? Yea they are horrible. Halo is halo though. Don’t jump on the bandwagon. Halo 4 was god awful but plenty of people … typically the younger crowd, give it infinite praise.

Having trouble with pvp? Come watch! Twitch

It’s not that bad. Too many of you are trained in the art of run forward and hope for the best. That is not halo, that’s cod and destiny.

Come check out the stream and I’ll answer questions on

-halo pvp history
-halo campaign history
-mlg history and halo
-what to do when you spawn
-req packs and why you should never need them
-halo 5 mp maps vs previous installments
-who is halo 5 for ?
-the proper way to play pvp
-weapon balance h1-h5 and why h5 is dead on

For starters (●.●)b