hate towards halo 4?

hey guys,

like most of you i am really dedicated to halo. been playing from the first game (even bought an xbox back in the day just for CE) but there is one thing i dont get:

why is halo 4 so hated in the general community.

I really dig this game, it still looks pretty good, the gameplay itself is pretty fast paced and the story in my opinion is a great set up for the games to come. also i really liked that 343 tried to do something different from the previous games. i mean if you want to play a game that is like halo 2 or halo 3 why not play those exact games (even alot easier now that the MCC is out)? I do unterstand that most of the hate is going towards the multiplayer. but what is so wrong about sprint and classes? i think the speed up the game a whole lot and that is a good thing in my opinion. halo reach had all of this and still people kept playing it. of course there was a lot of whining back then on the bungie forum but even then i didnt get it. why play a game that you dont like.

this is just something that is wondering me since i read through this forums.

cheers to all of you!

excuse my spelling errors, i am not a native english speaker

I got to agree with you, Halo 4 is a really good game even though it was hated. :slight_smile:

Halo 4 was in my opinion a really good game. Sure it had its problems such as ordinance drops but those are things that you just have to ignore and focus on the good stuff.

Halo 4 looks so beautiful in the MCC. I think it looks even better than Halo 2 anniversary!

Halo 4 had a fantastic campaign. But the multiplayer was awful.

I never really understood why it got so much hate. I loved the campaign (I think it was the only Halo campaign I actually went back and played more than once or twice) and I enjoy the multiplayer (even though right now it gets pretty laggy). Looking forward to playing Halo 5…at my friend’s house…because I have no money… :"(

What’s up everyone.

I personally never stopped playing Halo 4. I really enjoyed Halo 4–the campaign and the multiplayer. Unlike other games, Halo 4’s multiplayer wasn’t broken but it was simply different from previous Halos. 343 wanted Halo 4 to be faster and more intense than all previous games. They modified the armor abilities to be more balance, unlike the ridiculous abilities in REACH.

People’s main complain were the loadouts which allowed players to bring stronger weapons into the matches and the ordnance drops. However, Halo 4 allowed for you to play matches without these elements involved. I am a firm believer that all players should start with the same weapons, however, that wasn’t a good enough reason to stop playing the game.

Halo 4 got excellent ratings and is considered one of the BEST Xbox 360 games built. I still don’t understand where all the hate came from. I hope people give Halo 4 another chance in HMCC and realize it is a great experience.

I understand the Haters for their grievances with the multiplayer and how it has changed, and I feel the story of the campaign was, a mixed bag in my opinion. However that is no reason to hate a great game for not being exceptionally groundbreaking and amazing.

I might be against the general consensus of the community here, but I think Halo 4 was the best multiplayer in the series since Halo 3. I didn’t really rate Reach’s multiplayer very much, and Halo 3 will always have a special place in my heart as being my introduction to the world of online gaming. I unfortunately missed Halo 2 online the first time around, and I currently don’t own an Xbox One for the MCC.

Back on topic, I can see how personal ordnance would annoy some players, but I don’t see it that way. The core gameplay in and of itself feels so good. The maps are pretty decent too, in my opinion. I continue to play Halo 4 on the 360, and I’m really enjoying it still!

I’ve always felt Halo 4 was in something of a funny place at the time of it’s release.

It was both 343 Industries’ first in-house development, and it was being developed during Halo: Reach’s development, so naturally it was hard to outdo Halo: Reach in most fashions during Halo 4’s development cycle, especially since they were going ahead with the what-I-consider baffling option not to hold it off as an Xbox One launch title (It certainly would’ve reduced the cutbacks & graphical compromises, I can tell ya that much).

But I can list the many problems I encountered with Halo 4 has even now:

  • The Campaign level design preventing backtracking at almost every turn and the lacking amount “Safe Zones” so you were literally trapped in an inescapable frenzy the moment you entered a new area, which made higher difficulty playthroughs unfairly more difficult (Didn’t stop me from two Legendary Solo completions, but they certainly are much less enjoyable than previous Halo games where you could at least find a place to retreat & plan your moves) and the ever-so poor friendly AI (The “It’s not even funny” kind of poor).

  • The Story that so heavily relied on outside media that if you didn’t end up reading a whole collection of books & comics or watching the what-I-consider very unnotable Halo 4: Foward Unto Dawn, you’d be completely baffled by half of what was happening & who the new cast were.

  • My & those I know’s personal distaste with the ending’s execution (Let’s just say there were better ways than a Quick-Time Event & “Disney-esque”, a term I’m not using lightly or unspecificly, parting scene to provide Halo 4’s conclusion, but otherwise I reckon it did a swell job and steered Halo’s future into an interesting direction).

  • The Multiplayer whose newer gametypes really threw some new adjustments to varied effect (Instant Respawn, Player-Customised Loadouts & Random Ordnance Drops really did the core gameplay little favours, but the newer adjustments to existing Armour Abilities certainly made them less unfavourable).

  • The Theater which lacks Campaign & Spartan Ops support to this day, even though modders managed to make it functional for Campaign themselves.

  • The lacking of essential favourite gametypes on launch such as Race & Classic infection (Both of which thankfully found their way back both officially & unofficially)

  • The less-notable features whose removed or turned-buggy fate such as Elite Player-Models, Forge Zoom & Precision, Weapon Lowering, etc kind of made the custom game & content creating experience fell somewhat lacking in many regards.

Just to name a few examples.

But it certainly wasn’t without it’s own merits, even if I find them harder to list than it’s faults or personal reasons of dissatisfaction. I certainly found Spartan Ops a satisfying PvE experience which allowed me never to participate in the PvP experience (I’m not generally the competitive multiplayer type), The Custom Loadouts certainly enriched the Spartan Ops & Custom Game experience as Halo: Reach’s loadout system did, Dominion certainly had quite the interesting objects for map-making too and map design seemed to better accommodate for Armour Abilities than most of Halo: Reach’s official maps, for instance.

I’m just hoping that 343 Industries really identifies what shortcomings & problems Halo 4 had and ensures that Halo 5: Guardians returns what was missing, addresses what didn’t work whilst at the same time pursuing newer ventures. And I’ll be honest, The Master Chief Collection & the initial gameplay showcase of Halo 5: Guardians seems to hold promise that it’s happening. But with those Spartan Abilities which I’m loving the look of, I’m glad we’re getting a proper Beta nice & early to really make sure 343’s got the damage model & map design to make them work. Just gotta hope the AI Programming’s getting a real good spankin’ to make the PvE experience as variable, challenging & interesting as it has been.

I dig the game, hell i love it, however it still bugs me that alot of the story is a wee bit messed up thats all

I never understood why people hated on Halo 4. I loved Halo 4. The only reason why I didn’t play it nearly as much as I should have was due to hard classes that year, not having my own Xbox at college/crappy internet, and the release of a lot of good games.

Hating Halo 4 in my opinion was just one of those “popular” things to do where sheep jumped on the band wagon. Just like liking/hating Shark Week/ Star Wars Prequels.

This is my honest opinion of the game. Halo 4 was a dissapoint to me. Sure there are some good stuff, but the fact that this was what 343 had in mind makes me want to scream out how much they miss on this opportunity to make Halo more awesome than Reach. Reach was the last Halo game that Bungie made and it was even better than Halo 3 in most ways. In Halo 4 they missed a lot of things from all of the previous games. Here is a list of what would have made Halo 4 even better that 343 missed entirely.

  • No Firefight- Now this really begs me the question, why would they replace firefight with Spartan Ops that only last about 3 to 4 months? Firefight was game where you test youself on how long you and other spartans can hold out with waves of enemies coming in. This was introduced in Halo 3 ODST and it was fun having to play with friends to see how long you and your friends can survive. This is almost like training too to improve your skills against enemy a.i.'s. - Halo 4 Multiplayer- This is where i have my biggest problem of the game. Multiplayer can be fun but there was a problem with the gameplay. The gameplay was nothing less than a copy of Call of Duty mutiplayer gameplay. Why in the world would 343 done this action to the multiplayer? Kill streak rewards? No! You don’t need a kill streak rewards in Halo. In Halo you rely on your skills and tactics on multiplayer. You don’t need ordinate drops to give you weapons you find the weapons on the map and be lucky to get it first. Also the ranking system. Why is it that the ranking system went into numbers instead of being like military rankings? Numbers isn’t beyond a boring title. They could have kept the military rankings cause that what most players would strive for. Many were trying to get the rank of being a General in the game and it was rare to see a General in the multiplayer battlefield. - 343’s spartan armor design- This was either a love or hate for the design. The Spartan’s armore design was different than the previous designs from Bungie’s Spartan’s armor. They completely redesign the Master Chief’s armor from Halo 3 which was the last time we saw the Chief in a Halo game. Not only did this design not really worked(for me anyway) but the fact that they show this same armor in the beginning of the opening credits with Spartans wearing the MJOLNIR Mark V armor instead of Mark VI. Was it there intention to do that? Also the other armors like helmets that you can customize your spartan doesn’t really make any difference at all. You still look the same even with different helmets on. You just have the same body build as either a man or woman. They could have made the spartans look more different like Bungie did in Halo Reach. In Reach you can make your Spartan look big and bulky or slim with less armor. Also, the logo design should have been all unlocked instead of having to unlock them by doing multiplayer. Previous Halo games never did this why would I have to unlock logos to make the designs i made in the previous halo games? - Forge maps- Now don’t tell me that you haven’t seen any map bigger than Halo Reach Forge world map in Halo 4. 343 could have had the idea of making a lots of big maps like forge world with different enviroments like a desert, forest, rocky terrain, snow terrain, or even bigger space map. how is it that they could not have come up with such a simple idea of not doing this? Many players could have make a great map design of their own imaginations if they could have made these maps, but no. 343 never came up with it have they? They never made any maps like that at all. - Spartan Ops Episodes- This one really gets under my skin really bad. The fact that after its release, Spartan Ops only lasted for 4 months and there was no more episode to be created. They could not have made more episodes? Are you kidding me? After 4 months that was all we get from it? What the hell? Why was it that they could not come up with more episodes? you made DLCs and yet couldn’t make more episodes? No! If 343 going to introduce this new content they should have made it last even longer than that. It was nothing but a dissapointment. They should kept Firefight if they made only that amount of episodes. - OST- What do you guys hear all the time when you are at main menu of your Halo C.E., Halo 2, and Halo 3. You hear a choire singing a heavenly tone like you were in church. Where’s was the the epic music that I always liked about Halo? Where was the majestic music that gives the game its tone? It is definetly not on Halo 4 that is for sure.Now there were some good things to the game but other than that it was a dissapointment to me and to many others who think of that as well. We all have many reasons why we were dissapointed and that it did not live up to the Halo franchise at all. There were many gaps and holes that could have been easily fixed or filled that 343 could have done, but they didn’t. I don’t about you guys but I’m not even the really that excited for Halo 5 at all with 343. If they can see that many errors they have done then maybe, just maybe, the Halo fan within me can still live on.

Halo 4 sucks, that’s why. I explained it in the comments about sprint ruining halo but I have to say it again. The story itself was ok but the controls were annoying, the campaign sucked until the last mission and multiplayer is lag filled and the choice of weapons suck, no GOOD weapons, really.

halo 4 is my first halo game, maybe that`s the reason why i like it most

It’s simple math. Everyone loved CE. Why? No previous Halo game to compare it to. Halo 2? It had online multiplayer, so still no real comparison and the game was loved by all. Halo 3 came along and some people didn’t love it as much as 2. 4 comes along and guess what? People now have a lot of choices about which version they like best and guess what? They don’t all like the same one. When 5 drops the process repeats again. The older the franchise gets the worse the problem will get, if you you want to call it a problem.