Hate To Be The Guy

I tried to put up with it,but I just can’t…


So, did you just come across this when browsing that latest Forge thread?

No, a friend show’d me it, I didn’t know it was already posted.

This side by side should put the video in perspective.

loved it. that was hilarious. i feel like i’m missing out. this is why. reach sucked -Yoink-. so i quit playing pretty quick and didn’t bother with forge or see most of the playlists that came up. like, bungie vs the world or whatever. I have played with forge to some extent on halo 4 and its not the worst thing ever made, but i can instantly understand the problems with it. the worst part about the forge is that it makes even well put together maps look like -Yoink-. tiny gaps between pieces that shouldn’t have gaps. stuff like that. and then adding these unpolished forge maps, but only to a couple playlists? why not slayer? those maps are perfect size for the classic fast paced arena shooter 4v4 style. honestly i think 343 rushed the title a little and definitely should have had a beta test. a lot of problems that killed population and therefore the game could have been solved previously and prolonged the Halo 4 lifespan.

First time I’ve seen this, it’s pretty hilarious.

I do not see any discuss value here about Halo 4???

It’s only a parody but it’s true. I don’t really understand the design choice behind removing half the custom game options and precision forging.

Considering the “Great Anvils” comment by BS Angel with regards to the panel at PAX coming next week, I think we’re gonig to get some great Forge news.