hate this game

i want to play by myself. i hate FFA and there’s no social slayer and it’s impossible to win warzone by yourself. so i’m returning this piece of garbage. -Yoink- you 343

So wait a minute here. You seem to be after 4v4 but are not interested in arena slayer, presumably because of ranks? If that’s the type of game play you want then why are you letting ranks stop you?

As far as warzone goes, I’m as anti-team as anyone, but there is an awful lot you can do to have fun in in a 12v12 match without ever even looking at the leaderboard. And because it isn’t ranked it doesn’t even matter if your team wins or loses. If you go through a twenty minute warzone match and get upset if your team “loses” at the end of it then you’ve missed the entire point of the game type.

I’m confused you want to play by your self but you hate FFA, is there any other way to play by your self other than FFA? And WarZone is a blast.