Hate tagging of screenshots.

I used to post alot screenshots, until the hate tagging started becoming discouraging. So I put some up for the “Orange” and it starting back up. Please implement a way to see who is doing this, so it can be reported, and the offenders omitted from future contests and tagging others screenshots. Thanks.

Don’t see how hate tagging is a problem bro.

> Don’t see how hate tagging is a problem bro.

I do, and it’s not cool. They should create an alt text for the tag with the tag itself along with the gamertag that tagged it.

@deluca-you have the medal and are really good at screenshots, so don’t be discouraged by low people like that who hate tag.

No reason to let some random get to you. What they really need is a spell check lol Seriously…I think some of the hate taggers are funny…even when it’s towards my stuff. If they start showing your gt with your tags I very well may start my own hate tagging campaign for sport…

Deluca don’t get mad. You are good at what you do :slight_smile:

> Don’t see how hate tagging is a problem bro.

I agree with Xero. How is it discouraging that random people over the internet are hate tagging screenshots in a video game? You care far too much about this. lol

Well…never expected to see you in this forum. ^^

If there were overtly hostile tags on your File Share content at the time you made this post, then they seem to have been removed. I don’t see any such tags on your files at this time.

I agree, though, that the tag-flaming needs to stop. Perhaps if it were possible for the authors (and co-authors) of files to manually remove and block certain tags and taggers from their files, there could be some progress.

> Don’t see how hate tagging is a problem bro.

Maybe you don’t, but I for one am absolutely sick and tired of seeing jealous dramamongers smear garbage all over good content.

Tag-flaming makes the File Browser itself look trashy, and it often discourages screenshot artists from continuing to create content and improve their skills. It’s bad for the Browser and for the community.

If there was a way for the author of the screenshot to remove tags that would be nice. That way those who take tags far too seriously can be happy. I do have to say I have seen more than a few screenshots that make the file browser look trashy and that is FAR more noticeable than tags that I doubt the majority of people even bother to look at. Horrible spelling, worse “poetry”, clan ad, clan ad, clan ad, random -Yoink!-, clan ad, clan ad, clan ad, more clan ads…these are what makes the file browser trashy.

The dramamongering notion is ridiculous considering tags are ANONYMOUS. Just saying. If someone gets discouraged by something so stupid then 1) Make better screenshots. 2) Realize some stranger online saying nasty things doesn’t reflect on your skill (usually) but more on their jealousy. Toughen up. 3) Learn to spell

Personally, I have stopped spending time trying to create new screenshots and learning more in the process because every single time I load up Halo 4 there is a new slap in the face waiting. Not taggers… Faulty dlc and the issues that came with it…let’s not get started on the GOTY (-Yoink- slap to all loyal Halo fans) edition. Yeah, tags are certainly the least of the community’s issues.

It doesn’t matter the Halo filebrowser is dead anyway. ps anyone remember the reach nudity pics…but hate tags are more trashy -_-

You may know that I am a steward of a screenshot thread. Other members are coming to me asking if something can be done about this issue.

Hard work and a lot of time goes into getting great shots and to have them marred with this type of tagging is getting to the point that members don’t want to put shots in their file shares.

Please do something.

This is something we are aware of and have been taking action on.