Hate br starts, stop forcing me to play the br starts team slayer

Yeah another topic complaining about this, I like BR starts in comp and in tac slayer but in TEAM slayer where Most the fun I have is outside of BTB… I freaking hate them. They make the game boring like really boring no one grabs weapons everyone camps at their spawn point and it is just a slog.

IT doesn’t help that challanges like win 4 games of Team slayer are hard enough for me as I Suck. I have some problems focusing which makes it hard for me to hit targets at long range. In previous halo’s the red ring helped counter that allowed me to aim and know when I had a chance to hit.

In infinite do to the fear of hackers and not having it I have to rely on weapons like the needler and plasma carbine if I want to make sure I can hit. Or just drive vehicles. Because of this I tend to like automatic weapons things that don’t require me to be 100% accurate problem. BR starts discurages their use heavily .


I mean Slayer Pro is a thing. It did appear in casual playlists just as much as the Arena Playlists in previous Halo’s. In Reach, they used DMR’s and needler Rifles in Slayer Pro. It’s just basically precision slayer. I wouldn’t take it too seriously unless you’re in ranked.


I avoided those gamemodes most of the time, and once again they had the red ring which helped with my focus problem.

The red ring is almost an accessibility option.

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to each their own. Until 343I adds a Rumble Pit playlist I doubt we’ll be seeing Slayer Pro disappear anytime soon.

although, I do believe you can modify your recital. I believe there are accessibility options for it if I am not mistaken.

Sadly there is Not on the PC.

its weird, I adapted to not having a red reticle and don’t even really miss it. I can tell based on which weapon I have about where the range should be just from playing so much, so its really just a learning process.

As far as the BR goes, its such a predictable shot pattern that it doesn’t really even need it

He’s talking about the reticle outline thickness sliders, which are probably bugged because they have practically no effect whatsoever.

Also I’d like BR starts to be removed as well.

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My problem is I have eye problems wihen it comes to focusing on things even in a game that are “distant”

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343 added Br starts because manyy people hated Ar starts


gotcha, I kind of do too. I have the color outlines turned pretty high on enemies so they glow a bright yellow which helps me a ton

I personally love BR starts in Team Slayer.

I would prefer BR + AR starts. Away with the Sidekick.

Just waiting for when we can have the option to have either AR or BR Starts in our playlists.

…I recognize that’s gonna be a long wait though.

sorry OP…
BR starts for everything for life
It’s a superior game type instead of AR/Sidekick starts and maybe…maaaaaybe you get a map with 1 BR spawn

No thanks to that


There is nothing superior about it, BR starts are boring there is no reason to get weapons on the map, there is no reason to go for power items. BR starts are bad and not fun at all.

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I guess this is one of those agree to disagree things

Br starts still encourage me to grab power weapons, and to grab something other than the AR (which needs a nerf by the way)

I’ve never understood the thorught process behind thinking if you spawn with a BR you don’t need anything else

There are few things worse than the halo infinite maps which have dynamic spawns and getting the side that has a commando instead of a BR…
You are instantly at a disadvantage


that would be great if there was slayer, and precision slayer as in mcc. easy fix!
it might be a bit too difficult for them to make a new playlist tho…


I like BR starts but don’t hate AR starts either, and I would agree that BR starts feel way more common in the Team Slayer playlist when it probably should feel something like 50/50.

If the game had a higher population, it’d be better to have just a separate Slayer Pro/BR playlist.

I love BR starts. Wish the whole game was BR starts to be honest. Sidekick starts keeps me away from this game.


BR starts keep me away from this game honestly. It encourages players to hide more and renders almost every other weapon useless.