Hat Trick achievement not triggering


I’ve just finished a matchmaking game of Ricochet on the Haven map from the new Ricochet playlist where I scored four goals altogether, three a running goal and the last one a throwing goal (which earnt me the From Downtown achievement).

Unfortunately though, the Hat Trick achievement didn’t pop. As far as I can tell I’ve fulfilled all the necessary criteria to unlock this achievement, so I’m at a loss to why I haven’t. Any help with this would be appreciated. I did also record the match if further scrutiny is required.


So, no replys so far, that’s disappointing.

Perhaps I’ve not posted this problem in the right place or maybe I’m better off contacting someone else entirely (if that’s the case, please let me know who and where) but I would really like an answer for this, even if to say it’s being looked into or tough luck mate, them’s the breaks, better luck next time. Are achievements not unlocking common, because I’ve never had any previous problems with this or any of the other Halo games?
Has anybody else had any problems with this achievement or any other on Halo 4? Does it have anything to do with when a host drops out or is replaced due to a bad connection (if so, I think that may be why I didn’t unlock this one sooner when I managed to score three goals on the Solace map [two running goals and one throwing I think], it too had to change hosts) or whatever? Maybe it resets the goal count for the achievement, even though the same game is continued with the same teams and score? If so, that could be really annoying because that seems to happen fairly often.
I would really appreciate an answer (or at least an acknowledgement of the problem) for this, because achievements not popping really makes me less interested in continuing to play the game at all and working towards unlocking the rest.


I got the Achievement the very first time I scored three goals, but I was playing on Pitfall in the Champion’s Bundle DLC playlist. It could be that you have to get it on Pitfall, but I don’t think that’s the case, since the Achievement doesn’t say “in Bullseye DLC matchmaking.”

I would just try it again. You should get it.

Do you have a link to the game stats where you scored 3 goals?

Here’s the link to the game I scored 4 goals in (I hope it works):


I couldn’t find the other game where I thought I scored three goals, it looks like it was only two in that instance, so I was obviously mistaken.

And yeah, I suppose I will keep trying, it’s just that I’ld rather spend time playing different playlists than ricochet and, let’s face it, I’m less than brilliant. So the idea of grinding away to earn something I’ve already earnt just totally rubs me the wrong way, and if I did manage to pull it off, who’s to say the achievement would even unlock when it didn’t the first time around?

In any case thanks for responding, it felt like I was vainly voicing my issue in a vaccum for a few days there. :slight_smile: