Has This Theory On Desync Been Thrown Out There?

The netcode was made to be terrible (“favor the shooter” :roll_eyes:) on purpose, in order to attract more casual players. That’s why 343 will barely touch upon the subject, and almost refuses to acknowledge it. Similar to why the COD netcode has been terrible for it’s entire existence. It was intentionally favored to be slightly wonky, that way lesser skilled players who don’t enter firefights correctly or tactically can still come away with a shootout victory when under normal circumstances (regular Halo gameplay) they wouldn’t.

I don’t know much about coding in general, especially netcode, so I am most likely talking nonsense here.
But at this point, I just feel like an insane person. I could ignore every other problem with this game, as long as it was functional. But it’s literally not functional. I can’t play a single game without feeling like I got cheated in some kind of way. Whether it’s shots not registering correctly, dying behind walls, or bouncing around as I’m trying to move from one location to another.

Ignore the rest unless you want a little bit of a laugh

And as long as I’m ranting, I’m going to finish it off with this. Put your tinfoil hats on real quick. I know for a fact that I experience desync more than any other person I play the game with (though I know they all still do experience it). But where I am having to deal with it in literally almost every single match I play, most of them only say something about it every now and again. I also notice that the people I watch on Youtube do not seem to experience it at the same rate. Pros are constantly uploading videos of full matches where they do not have a single shot register incorrectly, never rubberband, never really have any of the wonky -Yoink!- happen to them that happens to me. And I get that it would be less entertaining to upload videos that included that, but it still doesn’t add up. I experience this -Yoink!- in literally 90% of the games I play, even if they were avoiding clips of it, the videos of full matches should be noticeable. But it’s simply not. And I’m sure there’s plenty of explanations. Maybe my PC setup in some way leads to me experiencing it more. Maybe my internet decides to mess up when I happen to be playing, literally every time I play. OR (and this is the reason I said get your tinfoil hats out) the game intentionally punishes people who don’t spend money on it. Because I have not spent a single dime on this game, not bought anything out of the store. But everyone else I play with has. All the pros have. In fact, there are very few people who play the game that haven’t spent money on it. And the only two explanations I can come up with are this, and the first one about my setup for some reason making me experience it more. But I doubt that my AMD 6700 (which is the sponsored brand for Halo Infinite) is the thing that’s making this happen. Maybe some other part of my build could cause it, but I just genuinely doubt it. And I know it’s extremely doubtful that 343i is punishing players that don’t spend money in the store and that the most likely explanation is that I am simply cursed to have some of the worst luck with this desync. But I am a broken and hollow shell of a once excited Halo fan. And I have no other ways to express these feelings than through this rant right here. So thank you if you read all that, I know it’s a little crazy. But that first paragraph still stands and I believe has some merit to it. So let me know what you all think.


I have and always will believe that desync is a feature rather then a flaw. That’s why they won’t fix it. And it’s probably whats taking them so long, they have to rework the entire structure to remove how the system is set up for players. Can you imagine the fallout if that came out as the reality? The entire gaming community would never trust 343 again. Thus the vague references to it whenever these updates happen.

It’s an operational part of SBMM, the more competitive they make the game, the more addicted your supposed to become to it, the more money you’ll spend.
It’s to create the illusion that your play determines the outcome.
When the system is intentionally giving you a 50/50 win rate or make the matches end result as close together as possible, the system needs a series of tools to use in real time to make that happen. This desync is one of those tools. You can almost predict when it kicks in when one team gets a great start. It’s the reason for the hit registration, it’s the reason the blast radius of the rocket launcher and the hammer vary so wildly. Why the skewer will actually lodge into Spartans without killing them.

I’ve never seen so many 50-49 games in my years of halo 5 then I’ve seen in the months of infinite.

That’s why i think it’s completely suspect. If it was true desync, I mean true desync or connection or whatnot, we’d have a fix by now or at least some improvements. At least there would be an open narrative about it. But the reason they’re so hush hush or ignoring the community’s call to fix it is cause it’s proprietary information. Not flaw.


It did occur to me too, after I seemed to have some good matches after spending a bit. But we tend to see patterns where there aren’t any. It is just buggy and even on LAN you see it.

There was a nice example in HCS where a RL hit didn’t register when it should have. Leading to an expensive loss: