Has there been an update for a date for flood firefight?

I know 343 said a near future update the flood and elites to firefight would be added but has there been any update to a date at all? I haven’t seen anything on it in a little bit and I am just curious.


Nope. All we know is it’s coming eventually.


No update yet on when Elites and Flood are coming to ODST firefight other than they need to do more work to get them at a ready state based on the feedback they’ve received from the last MCC flight.

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No updates yet, just be patient they’ll let us know soon, it definitely needed a lot of work since it’s Flight

We will probably get some more updates about the Flood Firefight either on December 2021 or January 2022.


As far as I know, after season 8, things now are just simply released when ready, so when it comes there might not be anything about it other than it will just appear, or might be mentioned shortly before

Could easily be during season 8.

Maybe after the exchange content of anniversary end in january

Probably sometime this month or next. I don’t recall seeing many problems with Flood firefight in the flight so doubt there’s any major reasons why they would delay it till 2022. :thinking:

That’s was quite a number of problems, flood not moving from their spawn points, certain forms just not spawning at all, finicky AI (with the elites anyway)

I guess so. Didn’t really experience this on my side.