Has the turnspeed and sensitivity been fixed?

Played the beta a few months back and the turnspeed/sensitivity on console was horrendous and super slow. Has it been fixed? Is the sensitivity still 1-10? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nope it is not fixed. I’m Apex player and i can’t play Halo coz of this :frowning: The game is great on PC with mouse but unplayable on console.
I have made a video showing Halo vs Apex max sensitivity:
For me it is a bug. Coz i dont belive that a crossplatorm game can have such disadvantage against console players.

Nope it is not. Still unplayable on consoles.

Aiming on console still feels a bit odd. I’ll get slow aiming and then windmill right after for example.

I’m really hoping this is just because the game is in beta, but I’m in the same boat. I find this game completely unplayable coming from Apex on ps5. I can achieve the same controls for Apex on PC, but with Halo Infinite it’s different. I’ve tried using the exact same controller AND with an xbox elite series 2 for Halo Inf, both behave the exact same and both feel sluggish, slow and imprecise.

I do use the advanced look controls on Apex and do have a very high sensitivity, but honestly I wouldn’t play apex either if I couldn’t customize it.

I won’t be playing this game much and certainly won’t be buying anything more, including the campaign, until I can customize the sensitivity.