Has the scope of development decreased?

With the slow roll out of updates, additions and changes to the game affecting a decrease in player retention and less cash flow for the studio, I must wonder if the higher ups at Microsoft and 343i have decreased the financial scope of development on Infinite.

I hope not. I hope the team is working hard, but not too hard, on cooking up some juicy updates that will breathe new life into the game. Still, drop pods feel like some indication that the studio for the foreseeable future is just putting out just enough to keep the ball rolling, however slow that might be.

Forge is coming on the horizon now and Co-Op will be unleashed onto the public soon, so I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this. Please keep it constructive.


I have a feeling we’re being intentionally underwhelmed so that when the good stuff hits, we lose our minds.
Also, Halo Infinite directly competes with MCC (you can’t play both at the same time).

If MCC is anything to go by, Halo Infinite with MCC modes, unlocks and everything else is what we should expect for Halo Infinites future (No idea when MCC will become obsolete, but it should in favour of Infinite).

The coding that has gone into coop is staggering and people don’t realise how good the coop is (if you have access to the insider flights and know anything about how hard coding games where online characters from different users interact in the same online world, you’ll be very impressed by coop).


I think forge will make Halo great again, not content from 343…. though forge is from 343.


No one knows what’s actually going on behind them closed doors. We can only go off of what’s been said.

I’ve never understood how any company can not grasp the concept of what communication actually means. It’s actually one of the easiest things to do in this entire world, yet gaming companies tend to struggle with this making things 10 times harder than they need to be. Why? It serves no purpose other than making things harder for both the player base and themselves.

It’s beyond stupid at this point because if they actually did communicate and was being honest about whatever they want to talk about instead of being vague, I’m sure more of the player base would be more than willing to be more open minded.

So how can anyone really have any idea about anything at this point seeing how infinite has been handled since it launched?


I tend to agree with that sentiment. I think a possible explanation for why there isn’t much transparency right now is because, like I said, the scope of development internally is shrinking, and the PR side of 343, the marketing team, doesn’t want to commit to something big if they think they’re standing on shaky ground.

This is all speculation on my part, so really anyone reading this take this with the grainiest grain of salt.


In terms of player made content. Back in halo 5 I thought it was cool that 343 would have a submission forum in order do you to get your map in the mainline pvp games. Husky raid was one of my favorites. (Husky raid, fiesta capture the flag with a very small map, map consists of two main rooms, blue teams room, red teams room, and a small corridor of sorts that you have to fight through to get to the flag. It is absolutely chaos and it’s so much fun.

In fact all of the maps for the husky raid mode where forge made.

Lmao I’m salty already so don’t mention it :joy:
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But yeah I do believe your statement. I mean. If the development scope is small obviously the communication side of things is gonna be as small if not smaller. Not to mention a lot of focus is already going to mcc. I wonder once they stop supporting mcc maybe they’ll go all hands on deck for infinite and we’ll see a large influx of content coming in. Way more than right now.

Aren’t they focusing on MCC because we the player have moved back there? Are they simply just trying to follow where the possible money is to be made? Just thoughts I have on the whole thing. Usually when a new game comes out from a company with previously released titles, they basically just keep that older game up to date with current tech. 343 should be focusing on Infinite more, being the newest game. If they’re bouncing between the two, then Infinite will be a very slow process in terms of content. They’re already a shrinking company in terms of manpower. I hate to say this, even though 343 has made me angry with the whole rigging of games, but I think they’re just following the cash cow. If MCC has more players, then of course they’re gonna focus on that. If Infinite was to pick up again, then they’d move back to that. I just follow the numbers and see the thrends. More people means money to be made. Less people means less work needed for that title. Clearly 343 is following the rules of C.R.E.A.M (Wu-Tang)

Players will start making content for the game while Infinite team will be downsized just to maintain and pump out cosmetics. Then everyone else jumps ship to Tatanka/BR and if even that fails, they will just abandon Halo.

Up to 343 to prove me wrong.


I feel like every week there is another dev leaving 343 and another position opens on their careers page. I think the reason development seems to be so slow is because people keep leaving for one reason or another and new people keep being hired and they have to learn the Slipspace/BLAM! engines that only 343 uses. Then by the time they learn the ropes, contracts expire, or they are just done and leave. They just don’t have enough people who can keep the updates coming quick. The studio seems to lack stability.


I would be shocked if Microsoft abandoned Halo. It’s an incredibly successful IP. Infinite could possibly be abandoned down the line, but I still lean more towards it being likely that support studios just end up picking up slack while 343 goes through some internal restructuring, culminating in a large marketing push and update suite a year and a half or two down the line.

343 sounds like a corporate hellscape. I don’t think they have what it takes.

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I think forge will be great for the game, it’ll bring in that freshness feel. Though looking at the dips in player base, I don’t see forge bringing back 100k or 50k players. My perspective is that people will come back like how they did when the new season came around. Granted the players coming back didn’t match a high number, and the retention was poor if looking at the charts that are available. People will be back for a bit, some might stay around for a while, but then dip again. Nowadays with the accessibility of adding titles to your library, it’s hard holding onto large amounts of players, unless the game is unique and entertaining. That’s just my view on it. I would love to see halo strive again & a secondary progression system outside of the battle pass.

I believe that forge too will bring a big impact. Hopefully community creations get added into their own playlist or custom Game browser sooner rather than later.

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according to some leaks, management were more interested in the freaking atrocity of a tv show than the actual game.

Woah! Acting kinda hopeful there buddy. Frankly, I’m expecting for 343i to just delay or outright cancel Forge at this point. They clearly don’t care about the game.

That makes no business sense. I’m sure they have plenty of marketing ready to go for Forge, and it’ll inevitably bring a large swathe of players in.

Ma’am with all due respect have you seen Forge.

If I remember correctly I guess the new mode coming out is S3 called extraction is going to be tied into custom games too. Meaning you could make your own pve experiences. Being able to create maps along with that means large scale battles. Which also means more fun for pve based players like me. It will definitely be a refresh from entirely pvp play.

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I don’t think they ever had grand plans to begin with. I think they lied through their teeth knowing the developers were completely unprepared just to get as much preorder money as possible. Which is also why the shop prices were so high in the beginning. They banked on the hype and tried to nickel and dime us as hard and fast as they could before the community knew what was happening.

Now they have our money and couldn’t care less. Which o think is another reason why so many developers are leaving 343, they see the lack of enthusiasm and don’t want to be associated with it anymore.

Think about it. It all fits.

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