Has the ranked match making been implamented?

First things first, I am really enjoying myself playing this game. However it may just be because it’s just early days, and not enough people have played their 10 games to obtain a rank. But i find it strange that the matchmaking seems to be completely random. Which makes it hard to make much progress ranking up when playing lone wolf. It seems like a lot of the time the match is decided before the game even begins.

For instance one game i may be put with 2 gold ranked people and platinum person and take on a team of people who have played at most 4 games into their ranking match’s so they don’t know the maps yet. Hence a easy victory for us. The very next game it could be me and 3 of the unranked players vs a team of mostly ranked people so any easy loss ensues.

I may have the wrong idea here but i was under the impression that if you were rank silver you would play with and against players who are also of silver rank in an attempt to reach the highest tear of said rank. As to obtain the next rank up.

So does anybody happen to know if this system is in place yet or do i just have it wrong?