Has the old waypoint forum archive been deleted?

Since halowaypoint got overhalued i wasnt able to access any old threads and posts here. Greeted with “Somethings missing here” error page. Has the entire post history of this forum really been removed? 343 is this a bug??

If I recall correctly a moderator said they’d be brought over to the new Waypoint forums in the future.

Thats good to hear, but honestly dont think this overhaul was needed cause it has broken alot of things on waypoint. They werent able to just only add halo infinites multiplayer service record like they did with MCC? Idk seems unnecessary i miss old waypoint :frowning:

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I was looking for the thread that listed all halo media in chronological order…

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That’s a funny side effect. Hope you use your second chance well!

Mods have advised in mulitple threads that threads will be imported from the old site in the future