Has the console population in this game completely died?

So I jumped on the Xbox for an hour to chill and play fiesta for a bit, the amount of bs in all my games was eye brow raising, so I checked who I was playing against. Sure as -Yoink!-, pc players.

I played 5 games of fiesta in a row and in every single game the opposite team was a 4 stack of pc players, all 5 games. So I quit.

This game is going downhill fast.

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How can you check their input devices?

No, if anything the game is much more active on console than on PC. How did you even know they were PC players?

I either bring up the scoreboard and then check the guide recent players against the scoreboard and then view gamercard and it shows a little PC symbol left of their gamertag, that and watching them play, it’s pretty obvious.

Well I think that the new playlists is dividing the small population that still exist.
So if you have a userbase of say 5000, and they get split up in 5 playlists that people play. And people are spread out all over the world, so there arent many players you can play.

Big team and Last spartan standing are probably the popular playlists now.

I also think that team slayer is slowly dying, many bots every game now and people quting thoose 140 ping matches on Behemoth and Launch site.

Did the Force Cross place sucks I’m 45 and play on a console only. I’ve been playing Halo since day one. And I’m about done with Halo… the Force Cross played with PC players and the hacking is out of control… I’m tired of being matched up against Landslide teams in ranked. I’ve got almost 2,000 games played and you know what it’s like to get ran through and get like three kills in like 20 deaths. And then you look at the profiles of the people who just whipped your butt and they’re all unranked with like 12 games three games played. This is ridiculous it’s not even fun it’s a waste of money now… it’s a shame because my generation paid the way for Halo