Has support for this game died?

I hope this is taken seriously as in I am being sincere with this question. I know this game is old and much focus is on HW2 and H6.

I just beat halo 1-3 in the Master Chief Saga playlist… but now it wants to reload at the beginning. What a devastating blow. Is this something I should try again or am I going to be disappointed over and over? Is any resources being put into this game or has 343 turned a blind eye in hopes of making the new games great?

Sure seems like support is dead, I’m seeing a lot of threads about this and similar issues (I even posted one myself), but no 343 responses. All I can say is that it’s possible that replaying will work, but don’t get your hopes up - it could just as easily have the same issue again.

I think 343 has just given up on the MCC and is working on other projects…Even though quite a bit of people still play the MCC (including me). It is such a shame as well…If anything, I would rather play the MCC than Halo 5…I just hope I am wrong and that 343 are working on a new bug fix for the MCC. 343 have fixed Halo MCC and it is playable, but they haven’t said they did…So I really hope they are just fixing it without the public knowing.

I think the support did die…