Has it just become protocol...

…for people to destroy all Spartan-occupied vehicles in Spartan Ops?

I mean, what’s the reason for this? Is it jealousy? Trolling? Just because it’s there?

I was in a Ghost and a teammate spawned on me and he immediately tried to stick me to destroy me.

In another game, I was driving the Warthog and getting anyone who hopped in the gunner seat plenty of kills. After a certain point, some teammate goes berserk and tries relentlessly to kill me.

What’s up with this?

It’s because everyone in SpOps matchmaking makes it their sworn duty to run over another player as soon as they sit their butt down in a vehicle.

At this point it’s pretty much self preservation.

It’s trolling.

Actually, it IS standard operating procedure for me to eliminate ANY enemy, unless otherwise told by my teammate before the wraith appears that he wants it.

Protip: Ask nicely for the use of wraith before they appear. If they still destroy it, oh well. They are meant to be destroyed.

> It’s trolling.


Although I think it would be funny to turn on ricochet (damage inflicted on an ally is redirected to the shooter) for people who have an established pattern of griefing.

Just trolling.

Fight fire with fire…

Definitely trolling. Like getting splattered by Ghosts? I don’t, but other people find it humorous to flatten out your corpse… repeatedly.

Didn’t you get the memo, OP? Every online Spartan Ops game requires at least one Troll for it to be legitimate. What’s a Spartan Ops game without splattering, trolling, and tons of EMPs?

Spops matchmaking is full of random trolls. Just stick to playing with friends if it’s that bad.