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Given a thought on how Personal Ordinance works? I’ve seen thread’s saying that one guy will get a Rocket/Laser/Inc. Cannon/other Power weapon in their drop. How would that be? It can’t just be Luck alone when getting dropped three random weapons. Or maybe it’s not so Random at all?

This is just my theory of how this whole personal ordinance works and I wouldn’t be too surprised if this the way 343 incorporated it this way.
I have also looked at the bulletin for weighting on personal ordinance and am taking it into account See Link for PO Weighting. (Be sure to scroll down.)

The way I believe ordinance work’s is that the game factors how well the individual player is doing taking kills, assist, death, (Score maybe?) before generating three item’s to drop to the player. I’ve noticed in games the person (or Team) who is doing the best in the game will often get re-occurring items such as OS, Speed Boost, Needler, Railgun, SAW, and two of any type of Grenade. Based on the size of the map a players ordinance would consist of the thing’s mentioned above depending on how well said player is doing in the game. Not doing so well in the game? Well since it doesn’t take much to get personal ordinance, chances are you’ll get a shotgun/scattershot, SAW/Needler/Sticky Detonator, and Damage Boot/Over Shield. What about a player who dies twice or three times after he gets a kill? As mentioned before it doesn’t take much to gain a personal ordinance (adding in assists) thus giving the player a Rocket, Sniper, or any other form of weapon that might help them along.
This is all in theory though and just something I gave a thought too.

TL;DR Version: Personal ordinance could be decided on how well you do, do good the game doesn’t see fit to give you a Power Weapon. Doing ok might grant you a Sniper, and doing poorly grant’s you with Rocket’s, Fuel Rod Cannon, Inc. Cannon, ect to help the player along.

I believe it’s based on map and playlist, regardless of player/team standing.

Though I’m a firm believer players should not be handed power/super power weapons on a gold platter.

There should be a consistant chance varible between a small pool of drops. Like the following ordinance drop:

[slot1] 100% chance of Powerup in slot.
[slot2] 70% chance of powerup with 30% chance of a small arms power weapon*.
[slot3] 70% chance of small arms weapon* in slot 3 with 30% chance of powerup.

*=(stick det, needler and concussion rifle).

And more focus would be set on teammwork and global weapon drops in specific areas at specific times.

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I did take into account the map size when getting an Ordinance, and your idea of how Ordinance should work seem’s far better then the way it is now.

Thanks, I just think there should be no extreme variables in multiplayer, even in casual play. There should be a certain level of consistency that we can rely on or else the gameplay gets bogged down.

I miss the old days when you knew when and where rockets, shotgun and sword spawns, and when you went there and you saw a red dot, you knew you could expect they would have the weapon that just spawned. Now you just randomly die from any weapon, and you either instant respawn and try and track them down or you just carry on.

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its random, you`re giving them too much credit.

There was a Bulletin a while back with a graphic of it. I might try to find it. Edit: FOUND IT: Kore!

Anyways, it varies from “small” to “medium” to “large” maps, and each weapon/powerup has a specific, unchanging probability of being able to be chosen.