Has anyone seen the Promethean concept art for Halo Wars 2?

They look absolutely amazing. Theres all the main Battle ones and there’s also a separate one which looks like it’s meant to be a boss battle with a Guardian.

My favourite one is probably where all the Knights just explode in the middle of the Banished army.

It’s a shame they cut them. The game could really have used a third faction and the games epilogue really leant towards it. Nothing against Awakening the Nightmare but it’s very much a side story. If the Flood get out it’s not going to be outside the main game. Plus it would have been a good place to put a lot of post Halo 5 lore concerning state of the galaxy.

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Would’ve loved to have a promethean faction in hw2. I guess they might be saving it for a hw3 with probably the help of infinite would dote the state of the galaxy togheter as a whole. But that is all speculation on my part. Would love to hear a mention about it in infinite and potentially for infinite to maybe tease hw3.

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