Hey everyone, My voice communication was banned after an argument with another player after he was attacking my level of play, and KINECT ownership. I can take the in game abuse, but what is frustrating is that this player led a campaign with all his friends to get my account voice banned for a week. Now I can deal with the fact he can complain, but how is it he can get my voice banned. This is part of the competition and intensity of HALO and these types of players have been given too much power over the compeition and should have some type of check on that power. My voice ban has lasted over 11 days now, and I have literally no recourse except to post on a forum, that doesn’t even amount to a compaint. I would like to simply call 343 or Microsoft, but no one seems to know about this topic when I do call. Just an FYI, the mute button is the ultimate in easy solutions to this probem. I simply mute the players I hear being argumentative, and move on. This should be the limit of the powers of other players in my opinion. Thanks for reading, and any tips on getting UNBANNED would help me tremendously!

How many players voice ban lasted longer than it was supposed to??

I generally don’t chat, or even have my headset turned on unless I’m in party chat with friends.

Anything else and all I get are:

Labored breathing
One sided conversation while someone talks to boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad
Smoker’s cough every 5 seconds

And my all time favorite…

Particularly familiar sounds, followed by a flushing toilet. Awesome.

With that in mind, do you really want to communicate with these people?

All voice bans that are one week are acctually two. Some misstake was made with the info so when a player gets a voice ban it allways says 1 week but its 2

I have the same problem. It happened after a game in which some punks betrayed me in a mantis, which at the time I didn’t realize what happened until they did it again to another player who was on my friend list and I didn’t realize he was in y game. Anyway I did do plenty of cussing, because after trying to talk nice he was just disrespectful and kept on talking. he had some friends with him so I assume they also joined in and filed a complaint.

I remember on reach that players from opposing teams could mute you at the beginning of a game so that you could not even talk to your own team. This is something which really needs to be fixed.

I have not been able to use voice for over two weeks, and as the thread starter said there is no one to talk to. I talked to a Xbox support person and they said they couldn’t help because it was a ban from halo4 343 is owned by Microsoft, as well as Xbox. None of this makes any sense. Why couldn’t you just be muted from the players who complained and not the whole xbox live.