I never get sent info on whether someone responds to a post on Halo Waypoint’s Forums.

Are you like me with the following?:

[/li]- The Settings on my Profile state that I should receive notifications.

  • I depend on this feature to let me know if anyone comments on my posts, so if it takes me a while for me to respond here… that’s why!

  • I tick the OPTIONS at the bottom of a post which say “Watch this topic and receive notifications of activity via e-mail” but I still don’t get anything.

Is it a Bug and is anyone dealing with it?

On another note, where did LittleMoa go? They were always running round the forum answering questions for people.

Email notifications are disabled and have been since E3.

Moa is gone. That’s all that needs to be said.

Is anything going to be put in place instead then? Seems like an odd decision to remove something that helps.

The Moa thing seems purposely vague, so I’ll leave that one alone!!