Has anyone personally found glitches in H5?

So in an attempt to run through H5 as fast as possible (on easy because I’m weak), I discovered that when you first meet the Arbiter, he’s in a fight with another Elite. If you spartan rush the elite and kill him before the Arbiter can, the game immediately spawns another elite to complete the animation. So you can have two dead Elites on the ground, with one Elite alive, in a room where there was only ever 2 Elites.

Yes once i found a body glitching out in a custom game

In Super Fiesta, (on Hang 'Em High) I was once blessed with an Arclight , however, even after my ammo was depleted, I noticed I kept getting railgun kills. Still can’t figure it out. I have to go find that vid for the match I think I bookmarked it.

For the campaign the only one I noticed was the one you spoke of. Others were the early stages of the game matchmaking the limbo state where everyone stops moving and the timer freezes and I can’t hurt them and they couldn’t hurt me

The only glitch I came across was on the mission where you fight multiple waves by a gate at the end (Glassed?). Apparently, a grenade launched one of the knights over the gate and it was impossible to kill because you couldn’t see it. I got all the way to the very end on legendary and couldn’t proceed. I was so pissed!