Has anyone made this connection?

TL;DR (see bottom)

I was just re-playing the Halo 3 campaign and came across a terminal. I accessed it and noticed the yellow, circular cymbal in the top left corner of the screen. It looks like a symbol that would be representative of the floating sphere from the Halo 4 campaign demo trailer. That yellow circle is in all of the terminals, and in one terminal it is all by itself (Normally next to it is a forerunner symbol for The Didact or The Librarian, etc).

I’m not sure if that symbol has already been said to represent a figure in the Halo Universe or not. Also I don’t know if the identity of the sphere from the trailer has already been confirmed.

I watched a Halo 3 Terminal Guide on YouTube so I didn’t have to go find each one. I’m not sure what difficulty this person played on but the terminal in which the yellow circle symbol is all by itself reads:

> I render judgement on you; you who would obstruct destiny. Doing so brings me no joy; it is necessity that compels me. Understand this: the Mantle you have shouldered I do rescind - with far more consideration than it was granted.
> [retf-2.4.z] Contender [AI] 05-032 confirmed rampant…
> [35:52:75:23.64] _ xx01-83.244.33

So, if someone knows who exactly says the line quoted above, then maybe since there is no other symbol present except for the yellow circle, then that is who the floating sphere is from the trailer.

My first thought is that it is Mendicant Bias because also in the Halo 3 terminals there is a line in red when the terminal corrupts that reads

> I found the shard that was lost… they brought it back to me. Now my reconstitution cannot be stopped

But I know Mendicant Bias has a green light, so I don’t think it is him.
Maybe it is Offensive Bias (complete guess) or maybe it is some whole new AI character. But in the H4 gameplay Cortana does refer to it as He ("You know where He’s going…), so I think it is an actual character and not a Cryptum like a post in another thread suggested.


Do you think the floating sphere from the Halo 4 trailer ties into the yellow circular symbol found in all Halo 3 terminals?
If you are a Lord of Halo knowledge, what is that yellow symbol thought to represent if anything at all?


Starting to sound like the ball is MB.