Has anyone made a tournament map yet?

Idk if you guys remember this map from Halo 3…it was usually played on Foundry. Basically, you need 8 people. The map is divided into 4 rooms, each room has 2 people. From the minute everyone spawns its a tryhard 1v1 BR fight. After everyone wins their BR battle, you’re down to 4 people… (since there’s 8 people starting only 4 people can move on) staircases spawn that connect 2 rooms together (semi-finals), so know we have 2 different BR battles going on with 4 people. After they win their fights, there’s 2 people left. Another staircase spawns and there’s usually a sniper on each side of the map so it turns into a sniper/BR battle 1 v 1.

If anyone has this or anything similar I’d love to get my hands on this

Not sure if I’m allowed to bump but yeah. Really looking for this

I would enjoy this.

Try looking into the hcs maps. They are tournament style maps.

with the forge scripting making you able to open doors on actions, this would be a cool thing to do. After someone wins the battle the door opens to the next section or something. IDK if its possible, but that would be a really cool idea.

It was possible on Halo 3 and it was easily one of my favorite warm up maps. At one point FFA on Guardian doesn’t cut it & you need those 1v1 matches to level up your BR skills.