Has anyone got halo 5s population from the api?

In a post from the team beyond forums there is a quote from someone at 343 that states why there is no population counter in game as well as the fact that they thought someone could probably get that info from the public api they released.

I was just wondering if anyone has done this as I have been curious as to halo 5s population numbers.

Hi I’m The population thread please feed me.

Furiousn00b stated a project for the Halo 5 API contest and created Spartan Insights. Part of his project looked at unique players per day over the month of April for a single playlist - Team Arena. It’s a ridiculous amount of data he was working with but it does give at least some indication of what’s out there. Worth passing on that Warzone was more populated. Feel free to carry on this discussion in the population thread :slight_smile: