Has Anyone Got A Player Mad 4 using Boltshot?

So I was playing the Majestic FFA Playlist and Skyfall Regicide got voted. I don’t think playing Regicide is terrible, but as anyone knows, being the king sucks especially since you only get 10 points per kill while other players get 35 points and it can lead to unfair losses. So as anyone can see I was the king with the in Skyfall. It is a small map and the spawn system sometimes spawns players 5 feet away from you. My bounty was 35 Points and i kept dying because the map is too small and the stupid spawn system sent someone after me when I just finished killling him.
I finally got tired of dying so I picked a loadout with the promethean vision and boltshot and set up a defense in a room where there are 3 stair cases leading; one leading to the top level, one leading to the lower level, and one leading to the middle of the map. I was forced to use the boltshot because it is the only way I could stay alive since everyone is out to get you. I killed a particular player, only to have him respawn 10 feet away. I boltshoted him and he spawn right next to me again. I boltshotted him. I recieved a killing frenzy with the boltshot. So after I won, I got a voice message of that particular player cussing me out, saying that I am the type of player that ruins Halo and what not. Are people serious? I didn’t reply back, but my thoughts were don’t hate the players who use the boltshot for camping, hate the gametype and the spawn system for letting it be easy to do.

lol, you took the psychological victory as well then - nice!

I honestly wouldn’t care what people say, personally I never have used the boltshot, but I consider it part of the game therefore I don’t bicker. It would be the same as the noob combo, yes it pisses me off when someone gets cheap kills but hey it’s part of halo!

I would be pissed too because obviously that shouldn’t be part of the game.