Has anyone got a Dmr yet?

I got it at rank 16 in a silver pack somehow. I’ve been hearing that people still haven’t got one yet at high levels.

I got one but by the time I get to req level 8 in order to use it the game is already pretty much over.

Me! But just one and I have to have req lvl 7 to use it.

I think I was lvl 30-something when I got one.

I got a Legendary Sentinel DMR early, between 15-20 in rank but I probably didn’t get my next one until rank 60+. Think it is just luck of the draw.

I did but it’s req level 8 so I barely get to use it.

I am level 46 and still haven’t gotten one yet.

I’ve gotten a DMR skin, but no DMR.

I blame Dinkleburg.

I got my first DMR TODAY. Level 56.

An hour later, I got my second DMR.

Screw me, man.

Level 51, no DMR here :frowning:

Level 80, no dmr but 3 dmr skins…the -Yoink-?

I unlocked mine somewhere between 60 and 70. Got some skins for it before the actual rifle.

Level 70 - still no DMR.

I got a standard DMR at rank 40 from a Gold REQ pack. On Christmas Day, to boot.

ive had the DMR. the only thing i found sucky is that. you can use the skin on arena… only warzone… while assaulte riffle, pistol and BR is are available on Arena. ; /

I have a level 6 and level 8 DMRs never used the level 8 , the game is all but over by the time i can use it.

> 2533274843056602;13:
> Level 70 - still no DMR.

The REQ system hates you.

ye, I have 3 variants of the DMR. Standard, Promethian kinetic thingy, and the one where recoil is reduced.

I got my first DMR, req level 8, when I was in low 70s. Just got my second at level 79

SR 3, near game release, picked up the first dmr for req lvl 6. happiest time of my life