Has anyone figured out what maintain sprint actually does?

I understand it helps you keep sprinting but after what? I tried reloading and that maintains sprint with it ticked or not. Is this for like after jumping or after being hit by a warthog? er?.. I’ve not found any reason to keep it ticked. thanks!

i tried it briefly, but didnt like it cuz it stops sprinting after jumping, idk what else it does.

Yeah it means that you are able to defecate in your pants while running. I’m not completely sure but at least that’s how it feels. Hope that helps. Stay positive!!

being inverted these get so sensitive I am just wondering how practical it is.

I’ve actually turned it on for few reasons:

  • you can keep sprinting after reloading, switching weapons, jumping, clambering or using equipments (even grappleshot);
  • you can flag juggle and keep sprinting, so you just need to grab and toss the flag without pressing the sprint button again.
    Needless to say, you can perform all actions listed above by keeping your thumbstick forward or you’ll end up just walking or standing.
    You can’t keep sprinting after sliding or throwing nades.
    Hope this helps!

ty for clearing that up! I use an analog keyboard so what I ended up doing was just making sure the controller and keyboard settings match for whats checked and unchecked. ect. they are totally different by default so I just had matched the keyboard/mouse up with the default controller settings.

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No problem! I think your keyboard was probably registering different levels of input but I guarantee that all the actions listed work.

yeh, its razer and 343 doesnt get along well with anything thats not windows default settings in the first place and it was through steam. so it was like ahh. and yes. im sure its different than a joystick but it does register 3 points on a scale of 1 to 100. like a joystick does but i dont think the joystick registers points its just a curve. so not exactly as accurate but decent enough to have the ability to walk which is important in hip shooters with strafe duels and left handed grenades with different types. ect