Has anyone else noticed this?

First of all I don’t have any footage.

I was playing the mission Requiem on Legendary the other day, and when I got to the field, I took out the first two groups of Covenant, and went to snipe the 3rd from the back left corner when first coming in. I had noticed that Grunts seemed to be randomly flying, so I watched one. He shot the ground with his Fuel Rod Gun to jump. Is this a normal occurrence or has the spirit of Mr. Monopoli been put into those Grunts?

Think its a reference of the rocket jump in Team Fortress 2, huh?

no he didnt use the fuel rod all the grunts (storm grunts i believe) have little thruster packs and use that instead of failreaches super jump grunts. so yes it is a normal occurance ive seen it many times and its actually pretty cool is you sit and watch groups of grunts you will see them do it often

I see the grunts flying around all the time in Spartan Ops.

Okay that makes sense, I guess I should get a bigger TV.

If you look at a Grunt you will see that there is a sort of “vent” at the back of their suit which they use to do little jumps with. Pretty cool.

thats all right. have you fought an army of just floating weapons yet? i have. no enemies just weapons coming at me. you cant kill them, assassinate them, nothing.