Has anyone else lose lost considerable faith for Halo with 343 at the helm?

I was happy when Infinite launched, it felt like the game was sliding back into its roots, but we all know what happened after the launch.

For me it’s the repeated failures, starting with Halo 4, Halo 5 was better but still not quite right.

If 343 didn’t have Microsoft paying their bills the developer would have gone belly up IMO.

My point is I really have no faith in Halo while 343 controls Halo.


No, you’re not the only one. There will always come the 343 apologists who buy cat ears and ignore having to pay for things that were free in previous installments. Like colors if you can call them that. More like Destiny shader knockoffs offs. It’s not the worst game ever made but it certainly is mediocre.


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I havent lost any faith. I knew going in this was going to be a live service game and that it will take some time for content to pick up in speed. I get it’s disappointing not having so much content. But 343 has been extremely transparent with the changes they are making and are listening to our feedback and implementing or planning to implement those changes. The game is only going to get better and im really excited to see whats coming in the next few years.

You must be a comedian. Using the word “transparent” in conjunction with Halo and 343.

I don’t mean to outright attack you but 343 completely ignored their player base for months and occasionally insulted their community with passive aggressive excuses and attempts to blame us in part.

I took a break in February because Staten said we would get a road map soon in January. Nothing soon about that considering when we actually got it.


I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt and they keep disappointing me. A lot of fans want the challenge system reworked because it’s not fair the LTE challenges get lopped in with the regular season ones. Plus I still feel like they make garbage challenges to force us to use boosts and swaps. I wish if they are doing the whole “copy BR games” thing they’re doing they would at least take a page from CoD or something and have a way to gain levels from performance and the challenges just add extra xp. I feel like they’re just ignoring us either on purpose or Microsoft is telling them to ignore us.

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Me either:

MCC was a dire launch and this game was not fixed for years.

Halo 4 and 5 I had fun with but it the online was not properly supported, it got boring fast and there was too much focus on “pro requirements”

Halo infinite is honestly worse now:
“Boss! - I know what will make infinite MP (a 4v4 and 8v8 multiplayer game) better! “

“What’s that Dave?”


“Excellent thinking, Dave - we can give them single player challenges that they can’t complete with friends! - this way they can purchase challenge swaps to make the game worth playing!”


The end

Ps - I need to be constructive so my advise is “please 343i - reverse this ASAP”


The few people who know me from this forum for all the years I have spent here commenting know that I have always defended and supported 343i, being patient and understanding.

Now I just don’t want 343i to continue to lead Halo, they don’t deserve it, they haven’t proven they deserve it, and they won’t prove they deserve it.


Unlikely, while the multiplayer populations of their games have dwindled, a mixture of the halo brand and good promotion has made each game launch to really good sales.

That said, yes, I dont have faith in 343. I supported them and their narrative choices in the halo 4 days. They had a lot of passion for the lore back then even if they had some odd choices and changes. Gameplay wise the game was poor, but they had the excuse that it was their first halo, and presumably they’d improve.

Halo 5 was a disaster narratively, despite the build up for it being an exciting time for the lore community. I think its the game that broke the story, much like Last Jedi pretty much broke any plot the sequals had. Creatively bankrupt game that pretty much did everyone dirty. This game got me to stop caring about the books.

MCC was a disaster, but their work to improve it was admirable. This…unfortunately…brought me back to halo and gave me some faith they were learning, combine that with Infinite looking more like classic halo, it gave me a lot of faith.

The closer we got to release, the more apparent Infinite needed another delay was. This is the only halo campaign I have played once and have next to no desire to ever play again. Its such a dull, predictable, nothing burger of a story, with a new ‘mysterious enemy’ that i’m sure 343 will ditch once they realize they aren’t popular…again.

This game is disaster, yes. But I know this game will get better. It’s always like this at the start of every 343 Halo game, except for H4.

Yeah I have and it bums me out.

I don’t think 343 cares about the community or fanbase that was literally handed to them by the work that Bungie did. The story and open-world concept of Infinite sold me, not the multiplayer. The game is so undercooked that they should not have been able to charge $60 for it. Multiplayer having a free-to-play, live service model disrespects anyone who paid for the Campaign and anyone who has played a Halo game prior. I wish that they could be taken to court for just how ridiculous this whole thing has been.

I dare anyone at 343 to attempt justifying their decision-making legitimately, because to so blatantly slap the fans in the face (especially those trying to defend them) is inexcusable. They knew what they were doing.

I have no faith that Infinite will be ever as good or as complete as 343 and Microsoft hyped it to be and that we hoped it to be either. I don’t even want to play the originals now because Infinite has easily the best gameplay, yet Halo is more of a gross, cynical product than it ever has been. Cash grab, monetization scheme, whatever you call it, Infinite has been an ultimate write-off of anyone who was a fan of the series prior. And the worst part is to know that they don’t actually respect the fanbase. Sure they may listen and take some extra time, but Infinite’s rollout was not the result of them listening to fans.

It was the result of someone wanting to recuperate lost money because they messed up and the game’s development took 6 years. Forget the upfront cost of a completed game (which could have been supplemented with actual DLC like older titles) and satisfying not only your fans, but newcomers too! Get immediate, bemoaned returns with microtransactions!

Yeah no. I wonder how much the return has been so far on the Passes, Microtransactions, and the sparse Singleplayer, because if it’s been enough (which it probably has been), then that’s only shown 343 and Microsoft and the industry that they can get away with it, no matter how vocal we are about it.

It’s easy to say shoulds, coulds, and woulds when it comes to Infinite, and it’s easy to complain about it.
But you know what’s easier? walking away from it and spending your time and money on other games; and if you do, that’s probably 343 and Microsoft’s fault

Yeah, years ago after halo 4 came out.

I think the game is doomed when it comes to population. It will never go over 10k again on PC and we have no clue how big it is on Xbox. If I have to guess I would say about 15k on weekends.
And when you think about that this a free game 343 is probably not making the money they thought they would. So thats why I think the game is doomed. Free2play and no income will kill this game in 2 years.

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i am splited , on the one hand what they did and still do to mcc gave me hope ( altrough i heard its more of a seperate team ) they really saved the game and made it for me the best halo experience one can imagine. dosent of course excuse the years of it being broken with no communication ( seemed like they pretendet it was dead or something ) but when they started working on it … that was great ( even with some f ups probably because they were pushed a bit to keep dates ). but now infinite … the littereally one uped evry mistake they made in the past . and people were complaining about halo 5 …

We all really should have noticed the giant bright red flag of the game launching with a perfectly working cash shop rather than stuff like Forge or campaign co-op. Or even the ability to replay a mission. Even though i really didnt care to.

Kinda shows you their priorities.

343 doesn’t care about Halo, only a few people care like sketch or Joe. The rest are just waiting for the next paycheck like everybody else.