Has anyone else gotten a grunt thrown at them?

I posted the video on my xbox live feed. I got a grunt with a plasma grenade thrown at me. That is a first. These brutes are truly brutal. I love it. Lol smiles and laughs is all got for Halo: Infinite today.


Not yet, but hoponh so, thwn I can get the cheevo for ahooting the grunt in the air :laughing:

Try the guides on true achievements. ttps://www.trueachievements.com/a346482/passing-the-gas-achievement?showguides=1 Just add an H at the front of the link.

No, but i’ve had a Brute throw a Fusion Coil at me when i least expected it :sweat_smile:

Never noticed this on Heroic but happened first mission on Legendary. Now I want to throw grunts at the brutes!

they tried yesterday. killed it before he did and the brute was blown up with a few others around him.

I didn’t know there was as an achievement for it. I didn’t even think that I would get a grunt thrown at me. I don’t remember the brutes ever doing that. The great use to just light 2 grenades and run at me.

I had a grunt thrown at me but the brute miss me and the grunt went off a cliff.