Has anyone else claimed the HCS items but it's not unlocked in your game?

I’ve watched the HCS for 3 days for an hour each and earned the rewards for the weapon coating / armor coating & the stance but yet when I launch Halo Infinite none of them are unlocked for me.

I’ve made sure to reset the game, nothing
I unlinked and re-linked my twitch to my halo waypoint profile, nothing
I’ve made sure I definitely did claim them but still…they’re not unlocked for me.
I also waited a day to make sure it had time to verify I have unlocked it but still, it’s still not unlocked.

As much as they’re “Just an in-game item” I still wasted 3 hours and more just watching a stream for in-game items (I know it’s sad but hey, free item is a free item)

I’m just curious if anyone else have been having this problem and if anyone knows any way to solve it or are we just have to wait for 343i to come out saying there’s been a bug that it hasn’t unlocked for everyone?

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My twitch and waypoint were linked from the very start and all 3 things I claimed immediately showed in my redemption history and in game so I didn’t have a problem - it’s certainly working for some.

I know some people were claiming things in twitch without it being linked on waypoint. Obviously linking it afterwards didn’t then work so they’ve missed out.

But surely if they claimed the prize on their twitch channel, it should be able to transfer to your waypoint after.

I’ll be greatly disappointed if I really just spent 3+ hours watching something just to be told “Lol, you might think you connected your twitch BUT ACTUALLY, it didn’t work so no skins for you”

So after reconnecting my Waypoint account to twitch more than 5 times!

It finally properly connected but I can confirm that you cannot re-claim the rewards so…that’s nice to know :slight_smile: Such a shame too because I actually really liked the colour pallet, oh well I suppose, doubt they’ll be giving those rewards out again (Or they’ll just sell them for $20)

But it’s nice to know the bug like this AFTER the event has ended, GG better luck next time. I’ll try next year, yeah?

They can probably do some form of forced inventory scan that will unlock the items in Halo through the 343i connection - surely… :smiley:

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Fingers cross but not to sound doom and gloom but I doubt it.