Has Anyone Else Become "Numb" to Halo 5?

Hi. It’s late at night for me, and I haven’t slept in a few days, so pardon me if I seem a bit delirious. If I do, it’s because I am.

I’ve been thinking about Halo 5 recently. Not just the good or the bad, either. I’ve been thinking about all of it. The good. The bad. The fun moments. The feeling when you steal a SPNKr Prime from a dumb hostile who killed himself with it. Rockin’ a Phaeton Helios and dominating the Warzone. The occasional disconnect. The sweatiness in social playlists. The unforgiving FF experience. The grind for Achilles. Pub-stomping with Spartan Company members (when we’re not getting stomped). Having whole lobbies fall apart because one person’s internet stopped working.

And everything in-between.

I’ve become numb to it. The excitement is less exciting. The frustration is more tolerable. The most infuriating problems, the most rewarding encounters, and the most successful matches all have lost their sense of frustration/reward/success.

It doesn’t make the game unpleasant to play, exactly, but it does make for a dull experience. Playing something else would, at least, make for a more eventful experience. I’ve been playing more Fallout 4 than Halo 5 this week, and even more Pikmin 2 (which is a bit unusual for me).

I mean, I don’t dislike the game. I just feel indifferent to it at the moment. Anyone else feel the same way about Halo 5 as of recent?

P.S. If you don’t want to reply to this, just tell me your favorite color. Why? Because the banana that is, was, and will foreseeably be my emblem is way too happy, and I don’t feel like spoiling its mood.

Good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night.

I agree the game in a way has become dull when im grinding. Especially now when im close to levelling up. So i tend to switch in between with reach to make it fun. Also play reach when H5 starts dcing me


I think its just with every game if you play too much.

I have 3 times the amount of playtime as you and I do not feel “numb.” :slight_smile:

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I’m still having tons of fun with the game and really enjoy playing it with my friends. I mean, I have Gears of War 4 and haven’t bothered to even open because of Halo 5 lol.

I’ve pretty much given up on the game unless i can get on with some friends, the games are unplayable for me right now Im continually getting disconneted from the servers and the frustrations in game from the -Yoink- connections are just sapping all the fun I once had out of the game, not least the crouching with autos spam fest and the annoying splinter grenades and spartan charge use just rewarding kills for -Yoink- play. The unlock and levelling sytems, the customisation simply aren’t rewarding, interesting or deep enough for me to feel like I need to continue playing, whenever I play recently I just feel like Im wasting my time.

> 2533274879657715;1:
> P.S. If you don’t want to reply to this, just tell me your favorite color.

I did exactly this, but…

Anyway, in my experience, WZFF is the one gamemode that hasn’t made me numb to Halo 5 yet. But that’s only the case because I’ve managed to gather a decent req collection. Like you mentioned in your post, yes it’s unforgiving, but it can still be fun if you stop caring too much about winning or losing and just blow up some enemies

I certainly have become rather numb to it all. Halo 5 has taken a massive backseat to everything else in my library, especially new releases. Even when I do go back to H5, I usually only play like, one or two matches, and get right back off. Or I’ll just open a couple Req packs, look at my Helioskrill, and then get right back off.

I dont even get the feeling of reward anymore. Its just “oh, I won” or more often “why cant my team hold their own?!”

Okay, maybe i get you wrong, but what you are talking about is something, which happens to me, and i know a lot of people who are like this as well, but that is a thing, which happens to every Game after awhile. Even the best Games, i get this feeling, but it did take longer than “normal” Games. I mean i played Diablo 2 for ~10-12 Years until Diablo 3 was released, and even THERE i had this experience, and i would’ve counted Diablo 2 as one of my Favorite Games of all time. And still, after awhile of playing, i wouldn’t call it boring, but i feel “worn out” and “numb” as well. For me this is a sign, that i need variety, pause the game and move on to an new Game.

And if you ask in an good Game, it isn’t important that you can play it on a whole for an long time, its important to bring you back on a regularly basis. Dia2 (or now Dia3) are Games which i didn’t played for the whole ~10-12 Years, but is one of the few Games, where i gone back to play it again from time to time. So like your Favorite Food, if you have to eat it everyday, you simply can’t eat it anymore after awhile. But if you stop eating it, and give it time, you will enjoy/love this Food again someday…

So i would say, you have to pause H5 for an while and play something else instead, than i’m sure(its also up to how you like/enjoy/love Halo5), you will comeback to the Game and enjoy it again.

I play this game for fun and to unlock everything. Honestly I’m having just as much fun in Halo 5 multiplayer as I did back in the Halo 3 days, despite how different the two games are. I have burnouts just like any other game but it always has something to keep me coming back. Nothing really philosophical about it, we’ll all stop playing this game eventually; maybe you need a bit of a break from it.

Now if only the campaign were as good. :confused:

Also, orange.