Has anyone created a Banished base or made Banished prefabs?

I’ve been working on a forge map concept based on the campaign level The House of Reckoning, but I’m struggling because I’m not very good with Forge and don’t have much of a creative or artistic spark when it comes to architecture… I would like to create a Banished base on one side, UNSC base on the other, with debris field and even a bunker in the center, all enclosed in a large chamber like the House of Reckoning. If anyone has pallets, prefabs, or general design tips for how to create and color Banished architecture for the base, and the walls and ceiling for the chamber, I would be very thankful.

As far as exteriors of the bases go, I would say small curved corner walls and primitive cones in combination with angled floor or wall pieces would be very useful for getting the Banished style. I would go into the campaign mode and start taking screenshots of exterior and interior elements -doorways, ramps weapon racks, consoles, etc to reference them from your smartphone through the Xbox app or transfer them to your PC.

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Thanks bro! I’ll give it another go this evening. And if I make some useable prefabs I’ll post them here in this thread.

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I went into the campaign myself to take a second look at it because it’s been a few months since I’ve played it and it’s more complex than I remember. There’s a lot of fine details in it that would be difficult for novice forgers to pull off and quite challenging for advanced forgers as well. I would recommend for now trying to pull off a low res version of it try to get a lot of the basic angles right & not worry so much about the subtle curvature around corners. I’ll try to make some prefabs myself to help out the community but they’ll take some time to develop. Good luck with your project.