Has anyone actually ranked Bronze/Silver?

Everyone seems to be going Plat or Diamond even if they aren’t that good at the game, has anyone actually placed lower than Gold?


Well I’m deranking in gold I’m so bad. So I’m sure I’ll see silver soon :rofl:

With the amount of time my game crashes in a ranked match, I’m sure I’ll be bronze if I ever get to placing.

I am pretty sure I will when and if I touch ranked.

I had a much easier time ranking up to Onyx than I expected. I had to sweat it out pretty badly to hit Onyx in Team Arena in Halo 5, but I barely had to try to hit Onyx here.

I have a couple people on my friends list that I would describe as mediocre at best, and they placed Platinum 1.

I dunno… maybe Bronze/Silver got filled with first time F2P players who have never played Halo before. I don’t see a way to check peoples’ rank unless they’re on your friends list, though, so I don’t know.

I played a bronze today but they were with a onyx and other higher ranks. Weird thing is they were going off so I think they may have just tanked placements to smurf.

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I have someone in my friends list that’s ranked bronze and they’re terrible lol

Yea. I have friends that are in both those tiers. Theres a few factors to consider though…

First and foremost…20 years of halo…a lot of people have been playing halo for that long…is it unreasonable to believe that the average player isn’t that bad anymore?

  • brand new game where your first set of 10 could be literally against some of the best players in the world…or…a brand new player to halo in this free beta…and you could also be playing alongside other players that either get no kills and you get over 20…or the exact opposite…swinging you in either direction.

The game literally is in beta form right now. The rank tiers are pretty much still adjusting to the players within them as they move up and down.

It’s to be expected though. If you play alone, usually matches are easier, more forgiving, you rank up faster. Play with people that aren’t that good and you also have an easier time and rank up faster. Join 3 players that are as good or even better than you? Rank up slower, lose way more, and have way more difficult matches.

The type of matches you’re having matter more than that rank icon. Playing just for the sake of ranking up promotes players to basically avoid certain friends. Afraid of the lobbies they bring. I’ve already seen it myself.

I’m under the impression that in this game you don’t derank as severe in the loss because we now know that in the previous game your csr visually goes down (derank progress bar) but if you performed exceptionally well despite the loss your MMR would go up. What this did was give a big rank jump on your next win and gain progress back. So in infinite I believe its visually less severe under those circumstances because it doesn’t show this enormous swing up and down.

So for example…a plat player playing with his friends that are high daimond and onyx that definitely hangs in those harder lobbies is already showing capabilities of being that tier despite not constantly winning each and every match. Though it has to be like close matches and not losses that look like 20 to 50 in slayer going super negative, 0 to 5 in ctf with similar stats etc. Its apparent that a match that goes 49 to 50 shouldn’t derank the crap out of the entire squad that lost. It just wouldn’t make sense unless its for 1 player that basically just sat there doing nothing.

At least so far, this is what I think the ranking system works like. I could be wrong idk. Eventually everything perhaps will feel like it makes more sense…but players being over or under ranked can’t really be avoided. Its just the nature of the beast.

I started out as a Silver 5 playing on my XB1S, and Silver 6 on my PC with MnK.

I have been playing Halo for about 16 years, all of which have been on console. Infinite does not run well at all on my XB1S, and while it runs amazing on my PC, I am not even remotely proficient playing FPS’s on MnK.

When I realized you can plug your controller into a PC with a micro USB I started to play much better. I’m now at Gold 4 and it’s rare that I finish a 4v4 game with less than 15 kills.

If I had to guess, the ranking system on day 1 is pretty bunk, because literally everyone starts out at the same rank and hidden skill level. Give it some time for everyone to find their real place.

I placed Gold III the first time for Infinite and throughout my time on Guardians I stayed in the Gold tier.

I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve got one mate who was Bronze. Two who ranked Silver (but worked their way up to Gold).

My first ranked placement in Infinite was Silver 3 or 4. Went very fast up to Platin 4.