Has anybody made one of these yet?

I was wondering if anybody made any escape maps in Halo 4 yet. Like a map similar to facility escape from Halo Reach. If so please let me know.

Much appreciated,

I haven’t seen any floating around…I have something a bit like that but it’s a remake of a gametype/map I made in H3

There is a rather clever gametype/map called Can You Escape? (both gametype and map are called that). Problem is I can only get so far and then I reach an area that seems impassable no matter how hard me and my buddy try. I think Im going to message the creator for a hint for that bit.

Also recommend:

Donkey Kong Extreme by Mike Rotchburns. Fun by yourself and with multiple people. (also the name of gametype as well as map).

The infuriating “Jumpworld” by MoonBlade215. Not impossible. Just hard. Simply jump from floating platform to platform with no sprinting, all else normal (except no timer of course)

Lastly is “Tower of 97 Epic Fails” by Inventor777. Though poorly named it is a well put together climbing map. Normal base traits

Those are some decent ones that I have downloaded so far

I made a fun “get to the top” type map called “Epic climb to the top”

lots of skill jumps, a couple of figure- it-out parts, a mongoose climb section, and lots of prizes waiting at the top.

search gamer tag: TXI Hex