Has anybody made any underwater maps yet?

I have made an underwater map (by underwater i mean that you are literally far enough under the water to go under water) with an attraction ride I call THE DEATH SICKLE, in fact, it’s literally spelled out for you on the map LOL!

I’ve made a partially under water map, i avoided making any that are completely submerged bc I,m just lazy

True dat, in fact I mad an expansion map of it with the circular rampos leading you high into the sky with teleporters leading to a good sniping spot with several weapons and armor upgrades. Just call it the weapons stash if you like. . . The olny thing stoppin you is the 5-10 minute walk to get there LOL! Oh and I pout the only vehicles on the map behind th esniping spot too so if you look enough you might just find something of use. And one last thing, the only way to get on the letters or to get to the secret stash is THE DEATH SCKLE, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! I called it that because you’'l take damage throughout the trip 80-95 percent of the time that you ride it! Sometimes fatal if you miss your mark! Hint: Just sit back and enjoy the ride.