Has anybody made a successful timberland map?

It uses a lot of the forge world tools and I realize that they have been out for a while. Does anybody have links or some ideas?

Timberland? You mean the map that was remade?

yea, with the big team scenery

So you want a remake of it in Forge World? Umm, give me a minute. I’ll have a look

Edit. Sorry, I thought I had one but I was mistaken.

I think he’s trying to say if anybody has used Timberland to make any custom maps.

I know there’s one guy who managed to get outside the kill barrier and made a custom map out there, but asides from that I don’t know :S

no i mean a map that was made using the timberland map

I hear 343 made a decent version of it.

this map is pretty good

> I hear 343 made a decent version of it.

Certain Affinity, mate. Certain Affinity.