Has anybody got the Bodyguard Medal?

I have been trying to get the Bodyguard medal. I got 3 Guardian Angels without dying as well as the combo of both Protectors and Guardian Angels but no Bodyguard medal. Anyone else have a problem with this medal? Thanks

I’ve gotten this medal a couple times now. You have to get 3 of the required medals in a row. Meaning you can’t get one or two of the medals, get another kill, not earn one of the required medals, then on the next kill get one of the medals. It’s a tough medal to get because you have to get 3 straight Protector/Guardian Angel medals. I’ve only ever done it on maps like Ragnarok where I got 2 long distance kills in a row earning the Protector/Guardian Angel medals on 1 kill and the next kill I got a Protector medal thus earning the Bodyguard medal. Very tricky medal to get.

I think I’ve gotten it once or twice.

I have gotten guardian angel 3 times in a row but not protector. I’m thinking maybe someone quit and broke the string but that’s ok cuz now I know it can be had. Thanks!