Has a forum ever produced a positive outcome?

We all spend the time making legitimate suggestions on forums, but the questions is has it actually ever made a difference? I would be interested to find out if our comments and or suggestions ever actually reach the right people that can actually make changes or are modern forums just a black hole for people to vent into?

Yes, TU update for Halo Reach.
Yes, numerous patches for Halo 4.

Change can be brought about via consistent community action. iirc, Microsoft were persuaded to port Fable Anniversary to PC after a fan petition.

It’s just a case of getting people to like/post/share the issue enough to bring it to the attention to the developer.

There was a thread on here recently where a handful of members pooled some resources together to get a copy of Halo 5 for a fellow forum member who couldn’t afford it. Not sure if that’s what you mean, but it was pretty nice.