Has 343i commented on universal cosmetics?

I would level them but these challenges and lack of match xp make it hard to level anything.

My level is on the floor. Cant possibly be more down than i am. But i still may have to dig a hole just to ensure i go lower

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I believe that the system of microtransactions has been placed by Microsoft and not 343i.

I think that the less we give them, the more needed they will become into fixing their prices and think more for the community and not only for the money. I think I will enjoy more the campaign than multiplayer thanks for this.

The gamplay is awesome but as a old gamer and veteran on Halo I hate to see that I will need to spend money to have reach armors unlocked 100%. 1/3 of the armors or even less is in the battle pass.

And the battle pass cost is high due to no credits are coming back.

Is the beta phase of the multiplayer, I believe that this will get fixed.

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