Has 343 talked about being able to turn crossplay on/off?

Whats is 343 saying about crossplay? most people want to be able to choose what platform to play against but did not find anything. Anybody knows of any update on this?

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It’s driving me crazy I wish they would hurry up and f****** do it. Just played a solo match only three of us were console the rest of them were PC and we all go 9 and 16 and I’m d6 and onyx in open. Kids going 30 and 11 that’s diamond one. all the PC kids go positive and I’m over here on my Xbox One x at 60fps band I’m like what the hell I wish my shots could hit like that across the map.


they will never do it.

Nobody’s said anything, but I’d wager it’s on the way.

It’s possible to split the playerbase, ranked shows us this is the case.

Better to split the player base than to lose it imo.


its funny because halotracker shows that controller players have a higher accuracy and kill count then M+KB players

I am sick and tired of the PC players using aim bots on Tactical slayer. 343 can easily ID the cheaters by looking at their kill to death ratio. If someone is going 20+ kills to 1 death consistantly, they are cheating.

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‘Hot Take:’ If ‘343’ manages to fix the desync/cheater problems in ‘March’, I think far less people will want crossplay removed. The playerbase is already too small as is, and splitting it up further would arguably be a bad idea for ‘SBMM.’

I could see this turnout out just like MCC where the KB+M players will find out that they’re in the minority and have to wait long excessive assortments of times waiting for matches and complain about this.

They got to the point where they wanted to attempt to force kb+m players to into kb+m matches only when they opted in to mix and match so they can have fun so that the people who only want to play kb+m players cound find matches quicker.

Just the crossplay option I don’t mind playing against K&M

Maybe we will get an idea if disabling crossplay will be an option when 343 publish the roadmap.
I guess the roadmap will be presented mid february with the patch. Just guessing.

It’s not getting turned off, forget about it, the game was designed around it.
cross platform cross input is a core part for the game and the server setup.

Given that many people tend to misinterpret the inherent advantage of KBM and better hardware as “cheating”, I don’t see them fixing those issues stopping people from pushing for a crossplay toggle.

If they don’t implement a feature to disable cross play, I’m dropping this game like the hot turd it is. I’m fed up with cheating from PC players. Also fed up with feeling like I’m forced to play with them. On top of it we have to wait until mid February for a fix that may not even work. I swear every time I try to play I find 3 more reasons to dislike this game even more. I’ve been playing halo since CE and this installment is a freaking joke.

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Dude, use a comma, or five.