Harvard Halo - Summer Recruiting Starting

Dear Halo Community,

I would like to invite you to apply for a position within what’s soon to be one of the most prestigious Halo clans: Harvard Halo Clan. Harvard Halo Clan is looking for members who both work hard and play hard. We’re looking for the top Halo players who are also intellectuals, philosophers, business leaders, and apprentices/students.

In order to be considered, please PM me your resume/cover letter. Be sure to include why you are applying, relevant stats, and any coursework or employment that you think will help me better understand who you are.

Qualifications: Top 5% Halo Reach player, >1.3 K/D, 3.5+ GPA, Bachelors (or college student); preference given to HSPY alumni, those with terminal degrees in respective fields

Clan culture: During a typical match, you will be successfully noscoping your enemy while sipping champagne and discussing Chaucer or public finance with your fellow clanmates

Benefits: Networking opportunities with some of the smartest and most powerful executives, policymakers, and MLG pros

Application process:

  • Deadline: 5/18/2012, but the sooner you apply the better
  • I will PM you back for a first round interview if you make the cut. If not, don’t worry - you’re probably used to rejection by now, no offense

Thank you!
Dr. Patel
BounteousJarl48 (Gamertag)
Harvard Halo Clan - Vice President, Recruitment