Hardlight sheild blocks melee!

All if you have to do is stop using HL when they go in for the melee!

I don’t see the problem? The guys on blue team just didn’t know how to counter HL shield, that’s all

I opened link, saw that the video quality was terrible. What kind of caveman watches videos that aren’t at least 720p?

A caveman with a recording potato?

That’s just wrong… (directed at the quality judges above)

I don’t mind the quality as long as the camera is steady. It’s -Yoink- how this world thinks…

No campaign theater. No video rendering. No scoring. No campaign updates. Wow 343, you guys are really messing up…

It’s the same thing as Armor lock in Reach minus the EMP. It only works against people who don’t know about it. Attempt doing this against slightly experienced players and you’ll get countered every time.

Throw a grenade behind them. Wait for hardlight shield to drop, headshot.

i see HL shield users as an easy kill, theyre so easy to get a free kill on. xD