Hardcore Vs Casual : An Experiment

After failing to complete one simple objective on the map Delta Faculty, I was left infuriated. My entire goal of a particular multiplayer match was too simple park a warthog on the center bridge by driving it onto the man-cannon. This goal was not completed until there was 1:20 left in the game. I repeatedly veered towards the warthogs and while waiting for them to spawn I fought like a typical player would. As much as I tried I was never recognized when driving the warthog as not being a threat.

This made me think, how badly does a normal player want kills that they totally ignore patterns. So I though the best way to test this was to head to a casual playlist( Infection) and try just messing around in the exact same way each time. After becoming the zombie I would repeatedly walk backwards into a known area where humans make their stand.

This is how it went:


After three rounds of me being the zombie these were my deaths from walking backwards into a heavily populated zone.

30 by gun.
3 by beat down.
And only 2 by assassination.
Never was I able to just waltz on in unharmed.

As for the beat down do note that it was the same person each time and he tried to assassinate me but failed 3/3 times.


These results have shocked me, out of the all the humans only 3 different people took advantage of the fact that I was giving up( I was assassinated by two different players). Where does that leave us? I’m really leaving it up to you, but I will make a few things clear while making others vague.

-I think that there is room for both hardcore and casual gamers in Halo, don’t get me wrong.

-I was astounded that nobody left me be as already stated.

-How do we balance the gameplay so that both sides feel at home?

-There are hardcore and casual playlists.

-Why did the results favor hardcore(seemingly) in a casual playlist?

-Is there a sense of desperation involved? For example, does a player not normally get kills so he takes the safe route by shooting me?

-Safe route versus risks? Did they think I was tricking them.

This all I have to ask and say.


> As much as I tried I was never recognized when driving the warthog as not being a threat.

For me I kill anything that isn’t on my team. I don’t care if the enemy is fooling around or playing super serious. It’s all the same for me. Destruction 24/7 =)

I also don’t appreciate derp teammates who spend an entire match fooling around and not helping the team by feeding kills or wasting resources. Custom games are where that crap should be done.

Perform an assassination in a “heavily populated zone” of other humans? I’m not surprised most took the shot instead of getting yoinked.

You’re in a slayer game, what do you expect? If you want to try something ‘cool and funny’ then do it in a custom game if you want to go unmolested. Because if I saw someone goofing around obviously not trying to kill me I’d just consider it an easy kill. Most of the time if I see someone afk I don’t go for the assassination, that can easily go wrong if someone is bum baiting. It’s more fun, faster, and less dangerous - you have a higher chance of getting killed while perfoming an assassination than if you just blow their head off.